#74 Seesaw: Capture the Learning ELL Strategies

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Both students and teachers can use Seesaw as a formative assessment tool or to reflect on their own work. The Seesaw app lets students show the way they understand the world by using videos, images, PDFs, drawings, and links to connect ideas. The platform creates a unique portfolio for each student where parents and teachers can see progress over time and growth throughout the year. With the app’s new premium version, teachers also have access to assessment tools to best analyze students’ portfolios. I can assign students the same task in Seesaw, but I can differentiate the problems and content depending on my students and their needs. This image shows a screenshot of a student’s presentation on Seesaw.

using seesaw for assessment

Every human being has value; the secret is finding the specific ways each person’s value can best shine. Sometimes, employees are on the right bus —but sitting in the wrong seat . Here are the key ways employers can strategically use assessments to help their employees flourish. Based on the mistakes made by the students, I am able to create lessons that address their individual needs. For the students who can show up with this technology, let’s serve them and use data to track their progress so we know what they need next.

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With that framework in mind, I want to share some possibilities for authentic musicing experiences that you can design for your specific scenario with the Seesaw app. This application can serve any of the skills, media, content, and assessments mentioned in this post, but today we’ll highlight literacy, creativity, and evaluation. Use Seesaw tools such as voice, drawing, photos and video to share their learning and show their thinking. These tools are especially impactful for emerging or challenged readers and writers.

When students can respond with voice, you, as a teacher, have significant flexibility in your questioning. Rather than going down the path of quiet firing, you can use assessments to find, develop and strategically amplify each employee’s strengths to advance your organization’s mission. Not everyone is on board, however, with using assessments for hiring and retention, particularly personality assessments.

#74. Seesaw: Capture the Learning

It has given me the opportunity to review important curricular and government documents and watch really interesting videos with expert insight and teacher feedback. If you are looking to assess math concepts using the picture tool, or the write on feature would work best. Seesaw can also be a tool which helps teachers differentiatethe process and products of learning. It allows for teachers, students, and parents to share and respond to feedback. It is a part of assessment tools which teachers can go back and take a look what they’ve done and are able to explain/demonstrate/identify/etc.

I have used Seesaw to show growth in the student’s language development. We enjoy listening to the recording at the beginning of the year compared to the end and reflect on the areas that they have shown improvement. We have SST meetings at our school where we discuss a student’s progress and ways that we can help. Seesaw is a helpful tool that can be used to show https://xcritical.com/ what a student can do, even though they might not have the language to express themselves. Teachers are not aware of the resources available to them to help reach their students online, outside of school, or digitally. Of the teachers that are aware of the resources, they do not know how to choose which one is the most beneficial to their individual classroom.

The feature has some tools which provide students with the opportunity draw, label and explain at the same time. 95% of teachers report that Seesaw helps teach their students 21st Century skills and use technology more effectively. Seesaw saves you time on organization and parent communication, makes formative assessment easy, and provides a safe place to teach 21st Century skills. Make the app part of a daily or weekly routine to get students to use it in the most effective way. They can create a class blog, make a student journal, or report back on their weekend by using the multimedia functions. Students will also learn the educational impacts of using seesaw and the benefits it provides to teachers, students, and families.

using seesaw for assessment

For teachers interested in trying Seesaw’s premium version, a free 60 day trial is available. Enjoy access to millions of presentations, documents, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more ad-free. We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers. While you’re coaching employees, it’s also important that you evaluate and celebrate success along the way. For instance, say you designate a senior-level staff member to lead a strategic initiative. You do so for obvious reasons—because of their job title and day-to-day responsibilities.


Extremely informative and easy to navigate with websites and resources added for extra activities. Would definitely recommend and would have no hesitate choosing another. Hang them up around the classroom and have students move through them at their own pace, like a Scoot activity.

using seesaw for assessment

If students have the problems on paper in front of them they are able to complete them, and then take a picture to show their work. If students are using the provided write on feature , they can complete their work directly on the computer by “writing on” the provided template. “The big issue is how do educators revise assessments in light of this technology – which is not going away – so that we can fairly and accurately assess student competencies. The seesaw app serves music education well because it lets you enter your own skills that you want to track. DoInk, which is an app where students use a green screen to record themselves presenting on a topic.

Using Seesaw in Elementary General Music Part 2

If you signed up for your course online you will have received an email with login details to start your training. Please check your spam/junk email folder as it may have landed in there. The end of course reflective assignment must demonstrate achievement of the course’s stated learning outcomes. If you are enrolling before the the course start date, you’ll find that you can only access the course after the start date and time. When you have selected and added all your courses, click on the shopping cart icon at the top of the page or click on the “Go to Checkout” button.

As a result, our traditional styles of assessment e.g. the standardized test, no longer fit with this model. This course aims to support teachers by providing them with a valuable online resource that can be used to connect teachers, students, and parents. Here you will be given the opportunity to expand your online knowledge and add a new tool to your classroom. When Covid-19 happened, many teachers found themselves at a loss for how to connect with the students, how to get their work to them, and how to assess the work the students were doing at home.

Here students can add slides or images directly from their accounts. An example would be if students had to create a presentation and then share it with their class. By whitelisting SlideShare on your ad-blocker, you are supporting our community of content creators.

Child Mental Health & Promotion Strategies in the Primary School

Beginning ELs use Seesaw all the time to show their learning and receive formative grades. 92% of teachers report they’ve seen an increase in parent involvement and engagement since using Seesaw. When it’s time to evaluate, it takes about five seconds to listen to the student’s recording.

  • With open-ended questions, you are much more likely to gain an accurate insight into the child’s understanding of the concept.
  • For the students who can show up with this technology, let’s serve them and use data to track their progress so we know what they need next.
  • Many times, they have posted a recording or picture during the day and a few minutes later the parent posts a comment.
  • Students will also explore the Seesaw lesson library and learn what steps are necessary to creating your own Seesaw lesson.
  • Having your students write out or draw the steps to solving the equation is very insightful.

It also offers more meaningful student engagement opportunities through student feedback, drafts, and journals. Try to organize all activities into easy-to-understand folders from the start. Also try to use uniform thumbnails for the assignments with similar fonts, colors, or names to create seesaw protocol audit a streamlined look. It is a place where teachers can share activities, collect assignment submissions, give feedback on assignments, and keep track of student progress. This has motivated my students to research for information and revise their writing before presenting on the screen.

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Teachers needed a way to connect with their students and support their learning needs, all through a computer. Seesaw is an app-based platform that allows students, teachers, and family members to complete and share classwork. Not only that, but the platform allows for numerous ways to share and express each student’s learning. Every student has a portfolio where their work appears making it easy to find work samples to share in meetings.

Students begin to smile and are motivated to post quality work to share with parents. How many times have you recorded your students or taken a picture their amazing work but cannot find it later on your phone when you have to share with parent or other teachers? Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that is easy to use and captures learning throughout the year.

They may be better suited for the quantitative part of the project. So, to help this leader thrive, you work with them to redefine their role on the project. Guided by the assessments, you can then start unlocking the potential of other leaders on your team.

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Coaching is a means of unlocking each employee’s full potential and evaluating how you can build on their strengths so that they are feeling supported, valued and rewarded. After you have assessed your goals, it’s time to assess your employees. Create psychological safety by mentioning that the assessment is meant to help them at work and outside work.