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An ensemble drama role-playing game that defies destiny with the help of companions consisting of both attractive and gorgeous females. A seemingly infinite number of universes are constantly being created and destroyed. When everything wraps up the way it should, a new world will emerge in its place. The “end of the twisted world” needed to be fixed, and the destroyers were asked to do it. It is impossible to create a new world if the old one does not end properly. The Destroyer is being guided to victory by a singer as the end of the world draws near…

“This is the tale of how to put an end to the world in the correct way.”

There is always a conclusion to everything! Find a conclusion for each of the seven worlds, and bring the whole narrative to a close! And what sort of demise is in store for us in the end…? An RPG (role-playing game) with a lot of depth and simple controls. The fight advances in a semi-automatic fashion, with players amassing gauges and activating action talents as they go.

Create even more powerful allies and unleash even more potent talents! Every character has the potential to reach the max level of 5 stars! Even allies with only one star can increase their potential to five stars. When awakened, one’s ability sees a significant boost! Adopt a robust training system in which all characters have the opportunity to take an active part!

Combat in which organization is of the utmost importance! It is entirely up to your organization whether you want to use the character or put it to death. System of combat that is both thoughtful and incredibly strategic! Make your own most potent formation by mixing different positions and types of expertise!

Arca Last v8.2.0 MOD APK (Damage Multiplier, Weak Enemy) Download