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Battle Disc is a masterpiece that requires both luck and new tricks that players need to discover. This is a unique adventure game; players will represent their team to participate in a discus throwing competition. The main task is to throw your discs and break the opponent’s defense and stop the opponent when the opponent is breaking your barrier. The unique feature is that the game will take place on many levels, and the person who wins the high score will confidently enter the critical round.

Battle Disc

Battle Disc


This is just a famous discus throwing game; players will have the task of throwing their discs to break the opponent’s defenses. After breaking a piece of the fence, you will have a chance to reach the target on the other side. Your big goal is to collect the enemy’s gold coins when you pass through those discs. The game always requires every throw to be correct.

The hard part of Battle Disc is throwing to break down the opponent’s fence while keeping your fence intact. Because each player, if you focus on two aspects, it will be tough to do, if you see a weak opponent, you must win. This fight will occur in a specific time range; if you win within the above period, you will be the true winner.

Battle Disc

Battle Disc


In the process of throwing discs, let the opponent know because the opponent can launch tricks such as setting a time bomb or possibly being an obstacle. If your disc hits a bomb or other obstacles, you lose your turn in a discus throw. Your aim is to collect as many enemy gold coins as possible. You also have those perks, and more than that, you own even more unique items.

Battle Disc

Battle Disc


The higher the level, the more complex the difficulty increases, and you need to be highly focused in each match. The more discs you can eliminate, the more likely your survival and victory will be. It is essential to avoid the unexpected, like back-attacking or even if you accidentally break your plate. Difficulties will become greater and greater, and this is when you are highly focused on solving the challenges. What’s more interesting is that Battle Disc offers you a wide range of unique solving features that come with it to show your own charm.

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