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This is the most extensive guide on the steps to launch an app, from start to finish. You’ll learn about app strategy, defining your goals, and what to look for in a great Android app development company. Good Android app development services require a deep knowledge of the space and are an important part of making a well-functioning, engaging app. We have a well-defined Android app development process to clearly define every step in the app development journey, making even the most complex custom Android apps approachable.

android app development agency

Our team of experienced iOS app developers can take your idea and turn it into a stellar application for Android Phone and Android Tablet . Our android development agency uses Asana and Jira as our standard project management tools for transparency until your project is completed. After the project completion, 100% ownership of the android mobile application is allotted to the respective client. They were able to deliver whatever technologies the website required.

Promote business growth with a custom Android app

A basic android application will cost around $25,000 to $5000 which will have basic functionalities and features with a good android app developers team. The more complex the android application becomes, the greater it will cost. Android app development cost really depends on the company and its expertise. New companies with novice android application developers might charge you less while industry leader companies might charge a little higher for their dedicated and professional work.

android app development agency

Hence, you can rest easy knowing that security won’t be a problem for you. Our android application development agency believes in providing efficient and result-driven support and maintenance solutions even after the completion of the project and provides expert solutions. The computer software, specifically an operating system known as Android has built its credibility over the years, especially managed by a tech giant known as Google. The philosophy behind Google is the freedom and innovation that it gives to host our android applications on Play Store. Android is much more than just an operating system, but the creative liberty to upload android applications is more flexible, which allows startups to experiment and innovate. Choosing android application development for your company can open up a lot of opportunities for new creative ideas and can play an instrumental role in creating the future of the world.

Native App Development

Our senior app designers work their magic to bring your Android app alive with beautiful interface designs, following the principles of Android app design. As your Android app developer, we can help you deliver your app onto the wrists of hundreds of millions of people. Database integration and advanced features are no match for our developers. That is why the experts at StartxLabs use the advanced app store optimization tools to help your app gain visibility. We use the latest technologies to find out which keywords drive downloads.

  • Need some guidance on how you can turn your mobile app ideas into a reality?
  • Dot Com Infoway provides consistent communication and prompt responses, which ensures they deliver on schedule.
  • Through our extensive Android App Development Service, PHPDots Technologies create superlative mobile apps that are highly functional and responsive.
  • QA & TestingWhen the work of developing and designing is completed, we use the latest tools and technologies to test the prepared application.
  • Through the MLBPA app, players receive announcements, news, updates and collective bargaining information.
  • Native app development allows you to enrich your app experience with a full kit of platform-specific features for more engaging user journeys and competitive solutions.

Check out the compelling reasons that will insist you hire the best android app development company. Our android app developers can help your application to retain speed and be market competitive to achieve consistent app performance and keep the daily engaging audience of the android application. The reason Android rules the mobile android app development agency application development industry is because of its ability to run multiple manufactured phones built by different companies and not only Google. The market gap created a surge in android users all over the world, keeping the affordability part where android go can also counter the hardware requirements and give optimal speed.

We took the Hyer on-demand labor platform from an idea to a live product used by a national grocer nationwide in just 6 months

At AppVerticals, we offer Android app development at a very affordable rate without compromising on quality. This Android app developer will work with our team of talented engineers to design and build the next generation of our mobile applications. Building big and great agile teams for web, mobile and custom software development. This will help building higher quality products and satisfy customers more consistently.

android app development agency

Our support team keeps an eye on your product and continually enhances it with new features, security patches, and other boosters to accelerate your business growth. Partners with stakeholders and leads team efforts to design, develop, and maintain complex user interfaces and features for mobile applications . Collaborates with team members to design, develop, and maintain user interfaces and features for mobile applications . We are an award-winning app development agency, but our skills run the gamut from complete rebrand and design of print and digital materials to full-scale CMS and enterprise website solutions. Here’s all the steps we take to ensure your enterprise app development process runs smoothly and exactly fits your business and budget requirements. On-Time DeliveryWe value your time and money and that is why we always offer on-time delivery of the android applications.

Our Android App Development Services

Our software development team will transform your app idea into reality. And we do not lack technical skill , but even more than that we use the latest technology in terms of native app development sydney. Either if you need android apps or ios apps, we keep the final costs low and have great clean code. Our development process is focused on long term relationships, start ups, small businesses but also clients that want something great. Our apps are written in react native, and the quality is top notch. Additionally we offer web development and web apps too with react, and angular.

android app development agency

PHPDots Technologies help you leverage the android market for a better reach to the potential consumers by building a Native Android App. Through our extensive Android App Development Service, PHPDots Technologies create superlative mobile apps that are highly functional and responsive. Creating a mobile app needs multiple design and development technologies. If you want to create an app for the masses, choosing an Android app is the best choice since Android app development had a total 72.45% market share in 2021 worldwide. Regardless of what happens in the future, choosing Android app development as your gateway to mobile apps is definitely a safe bet.

We offer decades of experience helping brands worldwide turn their visions into tangible, achievable realities. We strive to provide personal customer service, standout creative work and technically sound solutions to our clients’ challenges, with on-time delivery and a collaborative, “can do” spirit. As long as it is supported by Android’s framework, we don’t have a hard stop on what we can do. Being an Android mobile app development company, our designers and developers have had their hands in pretty much everything.


Also, Kotlin is the go-to technology for the latest Android applications. When your product is up and running, we deploy it into the environment and prepare the application for release. Our team also assists you in submitting the application to Google Play in line with Google’s submission guidelines. When your application is live, we also provide ongoing support.

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Every project is different, and every client deserves a custom approach. We create Android Apps that are versatile, secure, and robust to perform efficiently even during a large influx of user traffic for a seamless user experience. PHPDots Technologies provides clients with intricate Custom Android Applications that redefine their brand identity through their high performance and great aesthetics. If you want us to continue helping with maintenance and/or feature upgrades, we’d of course be happy to be your Android app developer, but the decision is yours to make.

Apple and Google both have very strict guidelines for design and development, so having experience with both platforms is crucial for a well-functioning app. We have a history of designing and developing apps for both platforms. Yes, we are also an iOS app development service provider and we know iOS app development equally as well as Android development.

Fixed Cost

We provide the best android app development that exceeds expectations. We design android apps with quality features that ensure user-engagement and help build your customer base. We designed and built the STD Clinical Toolbox app for both Android and iOS devices. It includes advanced technologies like API integration with multiple databases including Learning Management System , real-time search engine results and email and print sharing functionalities. We can also shorten the app development process if you already have designs ready and you just need our skilled app developers and QA team.

Our team can provide you with in-depth technical consultation ] about your idea and how you can achieve it from a technical standpoint. As such, we create stunning experiences that almost no other Android development company can match. The Orangesoft team was always accommodating to our needs and very flexible which is crucial for any startup or a new product being created. We felt like the developers were a part of our team while we worked together which was incredibly important to us. With your business needs at heart, our UI/UX designers deliver user-first interfaces and mobile experiences that breathe your concept and incorporate the latest design trends.

We have helped numerous clients achieve exceptional results over the years. Our Android application developer along with your project manager will provide app documentation based on your needs. Our front-end developers all have senior experience with Android app development. With every app projectwe take on, our team members give it the dedication, expertise and time it needs to evolve into a unique, eye-catching Android app.

FAQs on Mobile App Development

You get an assigned project manager who will be your point of contact throughout the entire project. Your project manager will be the link between you and the app development team. Using senior Android app developers makes the whole process more efficient and streamlined. Advantages include cleaner code with less bugs to solve, faster turn-around times and overall, a much improved app quality, which is paramount to the success of your Android app.