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Bloodline is an anime-styled mobile RPG with rich character advancement and customisation, allowing for a unique roster of characters for each player. Lilo is the Last Royal Vampire. I and Ron try to save their families from the Holy Land.

Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire

For a limited period, Bloodline joins Attack on Titan as Eren, Mikasa, and Levi are summoned to this new realm. Will the Survey Corps find Commander Erwin in time to retake Wall Maria? Or will they join the vampire princess in death?

Lilo is the last royal vampire in the planet. Help this teenage bloodsucker and her friends fight the Holy Land, a religious order of monster hunters out to eliminate heretics and heathens. Build a team of warriors, heroes, and exotic animals to combat exorcists, hunters, demons, and strong shadow monsters. Start your slice-of-life vampire highschool adventure now! Assemble, customize, and improve over 400 heroes while battling in PvE, PvP, and Guild vs. Guild! This action-packed anime RPG will test your strategic skills, so join it!


There is a mind-boggling assortment of heroes to unlock and evolve, ranging from courageous knights to evil warlords to insane jesters and waifus armed to the teeth with miniguns. In addition, there are always more new characters being added to the game! Do you think you’ll be able to unlock them all?

Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire

You can advance the levels of your characters by leading them in combat and providing them with powerful upgrade materials. Unlock the true potential of your characters by helping them evolve and awaken via the use of Job Changes, Fate Links, Tarot Cards, and Mystic Formations.

Easily dispatch your warriors to do battle and wipe out your foes by tapping and swiping the screen. Use the full force of their arcane talents to bring down powerful bosses with dazzling effects and explosions!


Have fun with a story that is completely filled out and based on the popular manga of the same name, following the adventures of Lilo and her pals as they discover dark secrets and the forgotten memories of the vampire bloodline.

Construct your team with care to ensure that it can effectively counter the forces of the enemy, and be aware of when it is the appropriate time to attack or defend! When facing bosses in combat, it is important to pay careful attention to the elemental attributes and character kinds of your opponents in order to keep your teams alive and well.

Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire


In REAL-TIME Guild War conflicts, you and your friends and members of your guild can work together to wipe out the enemy troops. It’s going to be nothing but pure PVP carnage!

Fight your way to victory against other players in a variety of player-versus-player (PVP) elements, including as the Arena and the Tower of Fate, as well as in massive Guild Battles and live cross-server Wars! Who will emerge victorious to claim the title of Bloodline Champion?


Bloodline enables you to concentrate more of your time to controlling your troop and fending off the Holy Land by providing you with options such as Auto Battle, Raid, and Auto-Mine. You must complete levels and levels of the game without difficulty in order to earn all of the objects and materials necessary to raise your fun level.

Bloodline v4.095 MOD APK (Attack, Defense Multiplier) Download