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No need to wait any longer; Braveland Heroes is back. This game has just been released, the latest version with exciting things waiting for you ahead. Players will join the dangerous royal quest, where the scepter is lost to fearsome thieves; you will be the brave and brave heroes that this kingdom needs right now. Becoming the savior of this kingdom is your mission.

Braveland Heroes


Coming to the kingdom of Braveland Heroes, this is a prosperous kingdom with a lot of valuable royal possessions, but unfortunately, this king’s scepter has been stolen by dangerous enemies; they are plotting to take over this kingdom. This kingdom needs someone who can stand up to find their valuable assets. As a talented person here, you need to fulfill your responsibility to stand out and hunt down those thieves.

Honestly, this is not an easy job, and you must be a brave and smart person to be able to carry out the noble responsibility that the kingdom has to offer. It would help if you went through the scary forests, to the distant desert or the cold arctic, you have to overcome them to get the lost items back.

Braveland Heroes


Not only do you have to go through a lot of difficult places to get the royal items back, but you also have to fight evil enemies who have stolen those items. Be it ghosts, mysterious nomads, or dangerous pirates. They are the troubles that you must face before reaching the place where the precious scepter is located. Be prepared with an iron spirit to be able to overcome the challenges.

Coming to Braveland Heroes, not only pirates or nomads, but you also have to face the mysterious gangster boss behind the disappearance of the precious scepter. This boss is very cunning and has mighty spells, can defeat many other people, so you need to be as careful as possible. You must overcome this tycoon to get the national treasure.

Braveland Heroes


You will not be lonely on the journey to find the kingdom’s treasures anymore because there will be many Braveland Heroes characters accompanying you. They are heroes possessing potent magic; combined, many of these characters’ powers will defeat the hateful boss. Forming an army with many allies such as archers, priests, demons, beasts, knights, … will help you overcome difficulties.

Your job is to form a strong army with many special characters, command, and come up with really smart strategies to be able to destroy really evil monsters. Right from the start, you will be able to choose a character to accompany you; over time, you will attract more people to show your calling talent.

Braveland Heroes


Braveland Heroes is not only a battle or a journey to find treasures but also many other events for you to participate in. Events have a lot of attractive prizes for you to use in battles. Which is the power, which is the magic,… use them appropriately so that they can fully utilize their features.

It is impossible to resist the attraction that Braveland Heroes brings to us, taking players from surprise to surprise with daily innovations. Players need to find the scepter of the country, the king of this country will reward you handsomely, don’t miss this opportunity to become a hero, but do your best with the task that you have been assigned.

Braveland Heroes


  • Your kingdom is losing its precious scepter, the crab family is in need of someone who can find it, and that person is you.
  • Players need to cross a lot of complex difficulties, from the forest to the ocean, from the desert to the arctic, you all have to go through.
  • Look for allies with special powers to accompany you on this journey.
  • Players also have to fight with nomads or pirates, especially with the boss behind the disappearance of the treasure.
  • Events are constantly updated with valuable rewards for you to have more strength or bonuses.

Braveland Heroes v1.77.16 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download