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Buddy Toss was developed to create a fun-themed game that satisfies the entertainment needs of players of all ages. The game has completely unique and straightforward gameplay that will give you the most enjoyable experience. The game’s image is relatively friendly with bold colors to help players feel the freshness of the game, creating diverse characters with many themes to help players choose easily.

Buddy Toss


As mentioned above, the game has a straightforward way of playing without complicated mechanics in manipulation. The only thing the player needs to do is press to throw people high into the sky. As soon as the guy you threw falls back to where you were standing, you will continue to throw momentum to make your next throw go higher.

Particularly important is the fact that the value of the rewards you receive, as well as the number of rewards you collect, will be proportional to the maximum height at which you can throw, so try to combine forces in the throws in order to create the most crucial possible throw to push the guy as high as possible. In addition to the above, the game contains a slew of intriguing elements that are just waiting for you to explore, choose for yourself a core, and grow in importance as you work to send the bad guy flying across the world.

Buddy Toss


The game has a lot of characters with many different looks and styles, so you can choose to be the main character in the game; you will receive wonderfully beautiful characters by redeeming rewards received or through various ways. Having a character does not affect your gameplay, but it will make you feel more interesting if you use your favorite character and up to your standards. Because the most important thing for an entertaining game is to satisfy the entertainment needs of the player, the easily customizable character creation will make the player feel better when being selected and customized.


What would happen if you were able to fly high enough in the sky? Players will be able to touch planets that are recognizable to us, such as the Sun, Moon, Mars, and other celestial bodies, once they have reached a sufficient altitude to travel outside the earth’s atmosphere. Even after reaching altitudes far beyond the orbits of these planets, players will be able to find even more new planets in their spheres of influence.

Players will be able to explore a variety of locations and landscapes that correspond to the many planets they will encounter. So be ready to fly high as you explore the magnificent big universe full of unique planets.

Buddy Toss


What do you have to do if you want to throw higher and faster to speed up the discovery and experience many exciting things or simply want to increase your strength to throw more powerful? To become more robust, you need to upgrade your muscles through the trade-offs with the rewards you earn. There are many upgrade options for you, from weak to strong and from slow to fast; choose an upgrade that suits your ability and makes your character stronger!


Intending to create a fun, entertaining game that is furthermore suitable for all ages, the game has healthy gameplay and a highly fresh color gamut filled with suitable colors—perfectly suited to children, giving them a fun play through bright, cheerful colors. If the player is an adult, the game will create a relaxing experience for them, but if it is a child, this is the perfect game because of the cheerful colors it brings and its healthy, fun game.

Buddy Toss


  • Friendly images and soothing colors provide healthy entertainment for all ages.
  • The new gameplay with the throwing operation is both fun and satisfying the player’s entertainment needs.
  • Throw high to discover more planets outside the solar system and more.
  • Easy character options to upgrade to increase the power of the player’s throwing power.
  • Optimal concise controls perfectly fit the entertainment needs of busy people.

Buddy Toss v1.5.2 MOD APK (Unlocked Skins, Unlimited Stars) Download