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Dragon Poker is a place where battles of cards can damage the opponents they face. Cards can be combined from the choice of 5 players and create powerful damage combos. At the same time, players will need to make sensible choices in a limited time, face more powerful opponents like in PVP, and collect new cards.



In Dragon Poker, players will find poker gameplay completely redesigned with newly added elements such as monsters. Players will accompany their cards and destroy the monsters that appear before them. At the same time, each card can deal a certain amount of damage to the enemy, so using them properly and making the right choices is the key in this game. Of course, you will never be alone.

The player will come to a fairly simple interface where you can see many monsters appear on the top half of the screen. In the bottom half, that’s where the cards are placed, and you can freely drag any card you get in each level. You will accompany four other characters to create a team and fight the constantly appearing enemies. At the same time, the gameplay that this game brings is accessible.



When you start Dragon Poker, you will get a certain number of cards with more choices than the original poker. At the same time, players inside this game do not have to destroy each other when collecting cards with a high combination. Each player will choose a card for themselves, and of course, they all have their number and type of cards that you can recognize. At the same time, with five cards from 5 players, the combination abilities will be activated.

You can create many combinations like a straight, full house and many more varieties to destroy the enemy. Sometimes, some combination will still kill the enemy, but it cannot deal great damage to the monster in front of you. So you’ll be able to open a list of combinations to see what combinations you can use and choose a card correctly. Indeed, you will feel attracted to the levels that this game brings.

If you haven’t memorized the possible combinations of the cards in the game, you can see a list with useful information. At the same time, the game also provides you with various levels that you will need to overcome. You will gradually confront monsters with high HP waiting for you, and you will need to adhere to combinations to overcome them. Over time, the number of cards you own will also increase.



When you want to win many opponents in Dragon Poker, you will need to summon more powerful cards to use. Each card has different qualities and has corresponding titles for you to use. At the same time, they also have levels to reflect their strength, so you will try to build yourself a deck to destroy the enemy because the number of cards will constantly change every turn.

Besides the PVE levels that earn you rewards, you can also experience the PVP mode. Specifically, players can confront an additional group of 5 other players, and of course, they will also have unpredictable hidden strengths. You will need to be careful with your hand choices, and, of course, each player has some time to think before making a decision. It will bring a lot of pressure on players.


Players will experience exciting gameplay with poker-style playing cards:

  • A team that the player joins will consist of 5 characters, and each character can choose a card that they hold to damage the enemy.
  • The cards selected will form powerful combinations similar to those in poker that players will need to consider.
  • There is a list of combinations that players can refer to, suitable for beginners and help improve selection skills.
  • There are multiple game modes found in this game: PVE and PVP; the challenges will increase with different opponents.
  • You can collect many cards with different qualities depending on how lucky you are and form a strong deck.

Dragon Poker v3.5.2 MOD APK (Weak Enemy, HP, ATK) Download