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Dream Hospital is a game where you will observe and grow the hospital on a completely modest scale into a development hospital. You will add to it various function rooms to maintain its normal operation and earn more money. At the same time, you will also need to deal with some urgent issues on time.

Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator


When you start Dream Hospital, you will see a hospital appear before your eyes, and you will be the one to take it over. It owns an imposing area but lacks some necessary rooms, so your job is to build some more function rooms so that more patients can come for examination. In addition, their satisfaction index is also a factor that you will need to consider as it reflects the quality level of your hospital.

You will quickly see the inside of your hospital and, of course, the satisfaction level of each patient when they complete a specific operation. At the same time, you will care about the buildings inside this game and other patients when trying to meet their needs, including urgent requests. In addition, you will also be the one to decide on the construction of function rooms inside the hospital to ensure aesthetics and convenient search.

Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator


When you experience Dream Hospital, you will see a patient in the diagnostic room, and you will see the time it takes for the process to complete. So you will be able to accelerate this process depending on the situation you see. Every patient who comes to your hospital needs to pay a certain amount of fees that want to be discovered and that is also a resource that helps you develop the hospital and build new buildings.

Any player needs to pay attention to the hygiene factor that often appears on the hospital floor. At the same time, you will hire cleaners so that those who come to the hospital do not experience any discomfort from stepping on dirty things on the floor. In addition, you will also see their number increasing, and when you see patient satisfaction decrease, you will need to find a way to solve these problems.

Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator


Players will find many different quests in Dream Hospital, and of course, the execution of the mission is important and part of this game. Like other games, the rewards it brings are attractive such as experience, some diamonds, and gold coins. Experience will help you level up and build more rooms and solve the problem of many patients coming to your hospital.

Besides the regular examinations, you also find some emergencies with the symbol of a siren. So you will need to complete it, and one of them requires you to go to another pharmacy to buy the necessary drugs.

The hospital management experience gives you a lot of fun because:

  • You will find many ways to develop the hospital and build new elements to find more patients.
  • Every patient who comes to your hospital will bring you money and help you buy many things.
  • Many aspects of the hospital that you will need to take care of, such as hygiene, affect patient satisfaction.
  • There will be many tasks you can perform to receive many rewards and unlock many new buildings.
  • You will find many urgent cases that require you to handle them on time.

Dream Hospital v2.2.36 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download