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The demilitarized war is fierce, and you need to show your abilities right in Drone Shadow Strike. This is a unique action game; the player is one of the notorious leaders in this game. Even more interesting is that a series of mysterious elements will gradually appear, and this is also the opponent who dares to confront you. Strange events will also happen, and we need to seize every opportunity to win and climb to the top.

Drone Shadow Strike


The war between the lands has begun to unfold, and it seems that this is a large-scale war. The player will also represent the region’s military and should hold all of the essential goals. You are the ultimate leader in this war, and everyone relies on you for your ability and ingenuity. This war will have a lot more participants, and they are also the heavyweights we need to face.

You have the right to determine the land to be occupied in order to build the perfect plan. After the plan has been outlined, the next thing you do is to start implementing the plan thoroughly. This war is an air war, so we need to invest in expanding planes and drones. Providing a wide range of aircraft is the job of Drone Shadow Strike, and you should rest assured about this critical matter.

Drone Shadow Strike


Players will have to analyze the improvement of this featured drone for themselves to draw many new points. After you have understood the control method as well as its structure, you are ready for this battle. You need to invest in building more treasures with all the necessary weapons and means to serve the war. Expanding a large space, you will have many more useful privileges for later.

Using large cannons, heavy warheads, or even penetrating missiles will help you a lot. Players will have to perform assembly stages to make this war go smoothly and without causing any serious problems. More specifically, the player must also use the ability to hide to help the plane move without any device being located. This will allow you to quickly stealth and perform a variety of tasks that no opponent knows about.

Drone Shadow Strike


Drone Shadow Strike provides you with a unique ground-based navigation device; what we need to destroy will be marked in red right on the map. We just need to adjust the barrel the missile barrel to aim as quickly as possible. After you shoot the target, then you will get an equal number of points. This score will help you, and if you get a high score, you will get the most elevated position in the game.

Use all means and change many types of missiles to bring out their significant effects. More specifically, you also have to fight fairly with other opponents in the sky, and you will also need safety measures. The game always wants you to take advantage of every opportunity to push back your opponent, making the gap so large that they are challenging to overcome.

The game expects you to win many extensive lands and gain certain powers. Drone Shadow Strike always shows you how to choose guns and missiles to save your treasure. It would help if you show off your speed control, and you also have to get the biggest win. Players will also open up more levels, and the challenge is more advanced than before. You are a heavyweight opponent and have a high chance of winning.

Drone Shadow Strike


  • The war takes place on a large scale and is expected to bring a lot of mysteries for players to discover.
  • Players should choose large helicopters and distract their enemies from grabbing a high position.
  • Use a variety of nuclear warheads high-volume missiles to destroy the most prominent targets.
  • Position the target clearly to help you align the shooting direction and handle the target as quickly as possible.
  • Face off against a series of prominent opponents and try to get the highest score to rise to the top of this powerful group.

Drone Shadow Strike v1.31.246 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money) Download