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Fantasy Heroes opens before the player a fantasy world where players will have a group of warriors to destroy the enemy. They will control one character and receive the support of the other two characters in combat. At the same time, the power of these characters can increase with leveling up, wearing powerful equipment, and having powerful talents.

Fantasy Heroes: Epic Raid RPG


In Fantasy Heroes, some mechanics change related to the character’s strength and cannot be ignored by anyone. The first factor is that the level limit of the character has been increased and helps players continue to improve their character’s stats. At the same time, each character can possess five active skills, and this is a valuable element in the match to help destroy the enemy. That prepares for conquering a new game zone that the game has just added.


When you start Fantasy Heroes, you will find a fantasy world with familiar races appearing, and of course, enemies like goblins will constantly appear on your exploration. Therefore, the battles will continue to occur, and you will try to control your team to victory by effectively using the characters’ skills. Surely it will be an exciting journey with unexpected elements waiting for them ahead.

Fantasy Heroes: Epic Raid RPG

Players will observe the environment in this game from a 2.5D perspective, and three team characters will appear simultaneously. You will use the scroll button and skills to destroy the enemies ahead and explore the vastness this fantasy world can offer. At the same time, the number of characters is completely diverse, and you will be able to choose three characters instead of one compared to other RPG titles. Gameplay is completely accessible to many different players.


The first level in Fantasy Heroes is a tutorial level where the player will complete it to gain access to the mechanics of the game. Each transition will have tips that pop up that you can’t ignore and need to read carefully. After completing this level, you will come to a character selection from the six characters that the game offers. It can be seen as a story that takes time when anyone wants to have a strong squad.

Fantasy Heroes: Epic Raid RPG

After the selection is complete, the journey of discovery officially begins. When controlling the character, you must pay attention to one point: you can only control a single character. Specifically, of the three characters, one character is manually controlled by the player; the other two characters will have a supporting role and will move automatically. It can be said that it brings various experiences when players will not be confined to a single character class.

Each character has different attacks and skills that players can discover and use in real combat. It is an RPG game, and killing monsters to become stronger is absolutely something that any player cannot ignore. Also, when you kill an enemy, new items will appear randomly, and you can pick them up any time you want. They will help you improve most of the power you have.

Fantasy Heroes: Epic Raid RPG


One challenge point in Fantasy Heroes is that you will need to care about the strength of the three characters. They can all wear the gear you earn and level up each time you gain enough experience from the battle. At the same time, a complex system of talents will present many problems for you as you will need to consider how to use those talents and points properly. Surely you will be able to face the opponents you see confidently.

Players can quickly go to a fantasy world with familiar races:

  • A character system opens before the player’s eyes and allows the player to choose three characters to form a team.
  • Players can easily control a character to journey through the game’s fantasy world and destroy enemies along with two other teammates.
  • In each kill of the enemy, the players can get various items in the game, which can be helpful to them.
  • Characters can become powerful when they have the equipment, gain high levels, and have valuable talents to use.
  • In the new update, players can find specific changes in the character’s strength and new game areas.

Fantasy Heroes v0.36.1 MOD APK (Mega Mod, Unlimited Money) Download

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