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Have you ever seen that the big fish will swallow the small fish? If not, then Fish.IO allows you to experience that exciting feeling, and you have control over your fish. This exciting game is creating a huge attraction, and you will have to try and do your best to win. Every game will have challenges posed, and that’s why you can also see the tremendous pressure in this game. The even more attractive point is that you will have stiff competition with all your friends and you will represent a country participating in the competition.

Fish.IO – Hungry Fish


This game will take place in the vast ocean, and here there are thousands of species of creatures. The fishes in the ocean will come in different sizes, and the colors will also make the ocean stand out. You need to immediately choose a super fish capable of performing the series of challenges that the game offers and from there develop your own creature. Challenges are always raised, and besides, there are also support features for you to solve in the fastest way.

Fish.IO – Hungry Fish

After choosing a super fish that you like, the next step is to add a few unique identifying characteristics for that fish. You can feed the fish with sharp objects to make it easier to hunt for smaller fish or use essential weapons. Primarily you need to pay attention to observing the direction of that fish and can’t take your eyes off because there are dangers around. It would help if you protected that fish’s life first because only when the fish is alive will you have a chance to conquer new challenges.


A series of significant challenges are presented, and you need to solve them in order so as not to forget a single challenge. Fish.IO provides you with the necessary items supporting features simultaneously so that you can use them in case of a bad situation. More specifically, you will compete fiercely with friends, and fish of different groups will be our great enemies.

Fish.IO – Hungry Fish

When you hunt a small fish, you will win the corresponding number of points, and at the same time, the body of the fish you are controlling will also increase by a part. If your teeth are like that, you will also be able to hunt for fish that are slightly larger in size. But what you need to know is that if other opponents have a larger fish size, they can attack us right away. We have no right to respond and will also lose our lives if we are in that encirclement.


This stiff competition is making the ocean more prominent than ever. Every competitor has fears, and together we tackle them. You can upgrade your fish by increasing the size of the fish and adding a few unique self-defense weapons. If that fish has enough strength as well as weapons, it will not be afraid of being attacked.

Fish.IO – Hungry Fish

You can also use a strong shield because you have the right to attack all enemies and do not worry about being attacked by them with this membrane. However, if you use it up, you will have to fight with your real body. So you need to immediately add the necessary energy to help your fish become more significant than all. Win the largest number of points, and you can unlock more seas and become much more substantial from there.

Through this, we get to compete with many great opponents in Fish.IO, and you will be overwhelmed with those challenges. The challenge poses more and more, and the ocean adventure will also give you something new. Especially the competition for scores will also make you feel pressured because the strength of your super fish will also be decided. Overcoming thousands of waves coming to new waters will help you have more attractive and attractive things attached.

Fish.IO – Hungry Fish


  • Choose for yourself an impressive fish and start conquering this vast ocean, looking for smaller fish.
  • Meet friends from different countries to join this exciting and exciting game.
  • Use the map to determine the direction of the smaller fish to devour them as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid the big fish because we can be attacked and lose our life is surrounded by other big fish.
  • Upgrade your fish and immediately use the safety shield to continue this mysterious hunt in the vast ocean.

Fish.IO v1.6.14 MOD APK (Menu, Energy, Size, Speed) Download