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FormaCar will be a unique game that can give players an exciting car experience. If you are a person who has a strong passion for cars, this will be a game that you should not miss for your collection. Coming to the game, you will ultimately be integrated into a vast car world with many extremely attractive car-building features.

FormaCar: 3D Tuning. Car build


For those who have a passion for cars, turning their car into a unique version is always a burning dream. But to be able to do this in practice will definitely take a lot of time, effort, and money to create a complete version for yourself. This problem will be solved very quickly when coming to FormaCar, and players will ultimately create for themselves a unique car.

With a car, players will be able to select, edit and consider all the different angles to be able to bring out the perfect combination. Many different designs, from large to small, will all be able to be customized by the hands of an artist like you. From the significant details like the vehicle design the main paint color of the car to the more minor details like the wheel design, wheel color, brakes, and more, all can be easily customized.

FormaCar: 3D Tuning. Car build FormaCar: 3D Tuning. Car build


Besides allowing players to create their unique cars, putting them into operation will also be necessary. With each car, after the design phase has been completed, the creativity will need to be brought to the operational process to be able to test many different cases. And to be able to help users satisfy their passions, the actual experiences have also been specially integrated.

With the rapid development of technology, you will now fully feel the truth when testing your cars on the road. Through AR-enabled technology, users will see what their favorite cars will look like during operation. You will even be able to feel them in the most authentic way inside the car’s interior, with many different driving modes already supported.


In addition to players participating in the production stages of their own cars, a large community of enthusiasts will also be integrated. With any hobby, any hobby, when working with many people with the same passion, it will bring you exciting experiences. And to be able to connect people who have their own car enthusiasts together, FormaCar has also brought you a vast community.

This feature will allow you to join an extensive social network that connects people with the same passion for carefully designed cars. With the integration of social networking features, you will fully participate in exchanges discussions and share your exciting knowledge with other enthusiasts. It will also be that the hottest news about the car world will also be updated very regularly and quickly.

FormaCar: 3D Tuning. Car build FormaCar: 3D Tuning. Car build


In order for a car to have the perfect version, the spare parts and accessories will need to be carefully prepared. Each car will need to have the right accessories for themselves to be assembled and put into practice perfectly. And because of this, FormaCar will also bring you a wide world of many different car accessories to participate in.

Combining this feature will allow participants to bring their dream cars into reality with great ease. The accessories you want for your actual car will need to be from really reputable sources, and this will be an important feature to support you. You will easily find and get results about the accessories you are interested in physical stores so that you can bring them to your car.


  • The ability to build yourself the cars of your dreams right on your device with unique built-in features.
  • A lot of different customization possibilities, from large details such as vehicle design car paint color to smaller ones such as rims, wheels, tires, will be selected.
  • Bring your dream car into reality and test how it can handle on the road with various driving modes.
  • An extensive social network will bring people with a special passion for cars together to exchange information, the latest news, and knowledge easily.
  • Bring your dream cars into reality with the ability to search, exchange, buy and sell car accessories with actual stores.

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