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Galaxy Genome is the super product you are trying to get by its inherent characteristics. This is a unique adventure game, and players will have the opportunity to control special flying ships. Each adventure will take place in a certain period, and players will have the chance to conquer the unique alien world. Here, players can see other planets, stars, flaming sun, and thousands of other flying ships. The great test will be drawn from there, and thousands of intrigues are allowed to arise.

Galaxy Genome


This is the game for those who have an undying passion for a space adventure. This adventure is precisely what the game satisfies for all those who have a desire to possess the vast universe. Players will be able to control an airship by themselves and make the discovery. This exploration will take you where you are going and will also help you realize your big dreams.

This adventure can help you conquer an asteroid so you can set foot on it. More than that, Galaxy Genome will help you get to the places you go and learn many exciting things. This adventure will also have a lot of challenges, and this is also a significant turning point. It would help if you were careful because there will be other aircraft attacking to destroy you to the end to steal the right to compete for the asteroid.

Galaxy Genome


Players need to clearly define the basic directions to be able to shorten the time of the adventure. For each adventure in Galaxy Genome, the player will be provided with a series of locations to serve the adventure. Choose your own destination and go on that exciting adventure. Conquer all challenges to be able to help the result be as complete as you originally wanted.

There will probably be quite a few other aircraft that want to fight you. Prepare your weapons to be able to fight them. Those guys seem to want to swallow us and push us out of the adventure. But you are a good pilot and can fight all difficulties. There will be more meteors, lifeless planets in the middle of the galaxy; you need to pass to try to reach the destination.

Galaxy Genome


Players need to conquer challenges in Galaxy Genome by upgrading large flying ships. Each player will need to come up with specific strategies to contribute to quickly defeating the set goal. Upgrade from a regular airship to a flying saucer that can sweep them all. Your flying saucer will break all obstacles in this galaxy at any time without knowing it.

Galaxy Genome

Exploring a new world will give you more confidence to make that world your own. Test to see if that new world has life or not? Besides, it would help if you also stopped visiting the planets and trying to see what outstanding features that planet has. The game also always gives you valuable lessons, and from there, you will add a large amount of knowledge.

Galaxy Genome

Through this, Galaxy Genome seems to capture a strong impression in the hearts of players. Unique 3D images, captivating sounds, and characteristic scene descriptions create a complete whole. You are the one who can discover new worlds that are more interesting and unique.

– Bringing full experiences in a unique space.
– Players will choose the ship presented in the game by themselves and go on an adventure to a new destination.
– Take on target conquests and face all the significant challenges in that game.
– Complete the task set and remove the barriers encountered by upgrading to flying saucers.
– Expand the new world, where you can set foot to discover many fascinating things.

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