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GeoZilla – Find My Family is a helpful app under the Lifestyle category and released by GeoZilla Inc. This application has the function of locating relatives by displaying the loved one’s current location on a map. This ensures the safety of you as well as your family members throughout the day. Based on the position, you can know where your loved ones are, what situation they are in, there is any danger? Since then, there is a plan to help as well as find loved ones quickly. Are you surprised by its features? Not only that, it’s really an intelligent choice for you and your family. Let’s live a safe life together with the help of this app!


GeoZilla is an application that helps you keep track of the location of your family members. It allows you to locate loved ones easily through the GPS tracking tool included in your electronic device. Based on this positioning, you can know if your loved one has come or has left a certain place, in what period of time. Also, by tracking the map locations, you can see all of your family members’ journeys. This ensures almost absolute safety for the users themselves.

Another good thing is that you and your family can interact with each other on the app itself. By the way, you leave a comment below and notice that you’re safe to let everyone know. Besides, you can also text or share pictures of your daily activities with loved ones. Even in the toughest of circumstances, you can be saved from everyone in your family. That’s the good meaning this app gives to humans.

GeoZilla – Find My Family Locator & GPS Tracker GeoZilla – Find My Family Locator & GPS Tracker


This application is popular and suitable, especially for families with young children going to school. Because parents will have some peace of mind when there are notifications from the app that their child has arrived safely at school or is leaving school, this is also a tool that parents can use to manage their children. Or in the case of families with frail elderly, this application also helps you ensure the safety of loved ones. It will be on your behalf to monitor and report the status of all members.

Everyone in the family can assign tasks to each other by location. As a result, it will remind you when you get where there is something to do. This will help everyone in the family to share tasks. Plus, everyone can manage the shopping list together. All are done by everyone together, sharing. This application helps to connect the family together, increasing the warmth and happiness of each person.


It will be hard to believe how to sit at home and still know how much speed your loved one is driving per kilometer. But this app still does it! By using safety reports for drivers, can you tell if they are speeding? Concentrated driving or using a phone? When it occurs at a roadside friend, accident detection will be activated to alert; Simultaneously, notify emergency contacts so that your loved one or yourself can get help more quickly.

To save battery power while keeping the GPS in a normal working state, you can use the significant location change (SLC) feature, keeping the family location tracker in sleep mode until you move significantly on the map. You need to link with your loved ones as an Emergency Link in the GPS tracker and locator, and you’ll get the location information you need if loved ones need to notify you. Note that sharing location only works when all members agree to the link.

GeoZilla – Find My Family Locator & GPS Tracker GeoZilla – Find My Family Locator & GPS Tracker GeoZilla – Find My Family Locator & GPS Tracker


This location service allows individuals to exchange positions in real time even when the application is closed or not in use. It helps to remind you when people you love change their venue. You can also find other users via the contact list who enter your home circles. You have the right to change your profile by using pictures and cameras. Moreover, all movement and driver reports are tracked. The app’s smart location history is another great feature. You can therefore access history and see every operation, where every family member goes every day. You can now download the app to keep your family and yourself safe! Distribute and use these communications efficiently!

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