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Gun Idle develops a scoring race with exciting shooting content. Players participate in the challenge set by the system about having fun with special guns. This will be your chance to own guns with significant damage and unique shapes. The system will gradually expand the space so that you can store enough guns when the player unlocks them and starts with the first shot. The entire activity will be recorded and calculated into a specific score; the larger the score, the more rewards you get.

Gun Idle Gun Idle


The Weapon Collection will be the source of the guns used in Gun Idle. In the first challenge, you will be started with a single gun. However, you can immediately move on to the next round when you have reached the specified score milestone. The benefit of passing any round has an extra position to place the gun and aim. But they are not available; you have to consult the price and buy from the store. With more than 40 different types, you will have more options when you accumulate coins that exceed your expectations. The whole operation with the gun is just firing the gun at the cannonball and trying to unlock as many new locations as possible.


The achievements recorded in Gun Idle are defined as a fixed milestone for you to receive a coin reward. They will be accumulated until you use them in the store. We will only unlock guns that you are already qualified to own. That is why players participate more actively and accumulate more coins. Each other achievement on the leaderboard also earns you additional rewards. Earning level will be affected by your level. Raise your level using wise strategy and improve your own achievements.

Gun Idle Gun Idle


All challenges set in the game are done to accumulate points. Each player will have to complete the corresponding number of bullets to receive the absolute score. When the score reaches a predetermined level, the player will receive the corresponding amount. Every day, you have a new goal to accomplish. The system constantly changes challenges to make the fun you experience more interesting. We also have goals set as your achievements on the leaderboards. It is not easy if you want to overcome them and get more rewards.


Power-up cards are one of the special offers for Gun Idle players. The player becomes an idler as the list of used guns goes live. However, their productivity is not as you would expect, which slows down their scores. To improve this situation, you can apply the double function of strengthening cards. The score will be significantly improved, and the process of conquering new bonus milestones will also take place faster. In addition, the occasion of events is also the time when you can find luck by hunting for the card you want.


Gun Idle enhances player interaction to expand more areas for the modern shooting arena. This playground is yours and yours to decide. The choices made by the player will directly affect the activities in the game. To get perfect scores and special achievements, players will need the support of a diverse gun collection. The supplied gun models are full of power and shape factors. The task of defeating cannonballs and scoring points will be completed more quickly when there is a perfect combination of powerful guns.

Gun Idle


  • Freestyle shooting game with unique scoring. Players arrange the positions for the guns they own so that they shoot down the cannons; the more shots, the more points.
  • Complete any given mission in the game, all of which involve shooting, selecting guns and putting them in order, or removing weak guns from the line.
  • Collect many unique gun models from the weapon shop and arrange them in the empty slots on the list. Players need to choose the type of gun that matches the number of coins.
  • Tactics will be needed for you to pass the levels provided by the system. All the goals set will be compared with the number of achievements you have scored at the present time.
  • Apply a power-up card to increase your damage and double your score. However, these cards are only valid for a certain period of time.

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