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Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood is a horror game in the Ice Scream series where the player confronts an ice cream vendor who has kidnapped a girl. They will go through many different places on the map and find the necessary items. At the same time, the ice-cream seller will also be chased because he can identify targets by sound, and surely, you will find ways to solve puzzles to complete the level.

Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood


The story begins when the main character is drawing a character with a strange face in Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood, and a call appears to his attention that is Lis. She’s the protagonist’s neighbor, and when you see her, she’s near an ice cream truck. At the same time, the unexpected point is that the ice cream character has a similar face to the character in the main character’s drawing, and bad things start to happen.

After giving the ice cream to Lis, the salesman turned away, and Lis whispered to you how she felt, and he blew a cold mist to make her ice from behind. Then he forced her to put her in the car; you are also shocked and use your blanket to climb out of the house. You will hide in a dog house and try not to let the ice cream seller see. From there, you will quickly get in the car and start the journey to rescue Lis when going through many different locations.

Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood


In a horror game like Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood, you will control the character from a first-person perspective for the most realistic feeling. These feelings come from various factors, such as the background music and the character selling ice cream, which always follows you. At the same time, he has the characteristic of identifying targets through sound. So you will try to avoid him and not let him catch, like in the case of Lis, the character you need to rescue.

One item you get before getting on the kidnapper’s car is a map. Specifically, it drops from the villain when he moves, and when you jump into his car, you can stick it on a board to know the locations you need to go to. At the same time, it also tells you the remaining distance you have to go through and make sure you will need to find one or more necessary items to rescue Lis from this strange ice-cream seller.

The first place you go there is the Cinema where you will see many cars with different looks. You will open their rear trunk to find the necessary items and especially a toolbox. At the same time, the ice-cream seller also has your eye on you, so you will try to move quickly and take advantage of the various environmental factors to dodge them. The ice-cream seller can identify the target but the movement speed is quite slow, so you will hide from him until you get back in the car to go to the next place.

Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood


When you experience Ice Scream 2: Horror Neighborhood, you will go to different locations, and the items are also entirely diverse. At the same time, if you find something, you should take them and put them in the back of the car to use and win the level. Some items also have exchange properties, such as perfume, when interacting with a character.

The horror experience in this game ultimately impresses players because:

  • The player will try to rescue Lis, the protagonist’s friend, from an ice-cream seller who can breathe cold rays with a kidnapping plot.
  • You will go to many different locations inside the game, and each will hide an item needed to solve puzzles.
  • The game’s horror is reflected in the background music, the player’s feelings, and the happy moments that the ice cream seller always chases you.
  • Some items will have an exchange feature for another item, and you can store the necessary things in the back of the kidnapper’s car.
  • The ice cream guy has outstanding sound recognition, so you’ll need to pay attention to fool him and go to other locations.

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