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Idle Cartoon City is an idle game where players manage a city with many areas where buildings can be built. These buildings can give players some money after a while, and they can use this money to upgrade their monetization efficiency. Also, when a building’s upgrade bar is full, a specific effect is unlocked, such as increased coin generation time.

Idle Cartoon City – coin day Idle Cartoon City – coin day


In Idle Cartoon City, players will find a city where many lands are for sale, and that is how players can earn money. So they will start with the simplest and lowest priced house to begin their monetization process. Players will want to be able to unlock the rest of the areas, and it will be a long journey, and it requires a lot of money on the player’s part. In addition, the process of collecting coins is easy to do.

The player will see a progress bar that is constantly filling, and when it is full, you should touch the corresponding buildings to collect coins. This process will be done many times in the game, and if you manage multiple buildings simultaneously, you can perform a swipe. At the same time, the feeling that the collected coins immediately jump into the pocket makes the player feel the urge to continue developing new areas in the game.

Idle Cartoon City – coin day Idle Cartoon City – coin day


As you experience Idle Cartoon City, you will be able to find the upgrade bar of each building and the overall effect of doing the upgrade is that the amount you get will be more than before. At the same time, earning a lot of money helps players have the opportunity to reach the following buildings or continue to upgrade to collect more money in a short period. Players will notice other effects when upgrading enough for a building.

In addition to the value the player receives, the player will see the upgrade bar of a building that will be partially filled. Filling the upgrade bar provides another effect besides making more money for the player. For example, after being fully upgraded for a house, an effect appears on the left side of the screen, which can effectively reduce the money production time of each building. So you will need to use your money wisely.

Idle Cartoon City – coin day

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the money-making experience in the game:

  • Players will come to a city with many empty areas and can build a building to help them earn money with different qualities.
  • The price of land will increase over time and give you different monetization effects and ways for you to make money fast.
  • Players can swipe the buildings they have to collect money and use it to upgrade the efficiency of each building they are holding.
  • Over time, previously empty areas will appear a corresponding building, and you can quickly collect a large amount of money from them.
  • When the building’s upgrade bar is full, an enhanced effect will be unlocked, and it is useful, such as reducing the time to generate money.

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