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Legends of Runeterra is a game that receives a lot of positive reviews from players. In this game, players will use cards and their skills and flexible hand manipulation to win and become a legend of Runeterra. The game’s highlight lies in the fact that all wins and losses are decided by the player themselves based on their ability. Join and conquer all the challenges to be the winner

Legends of Runeterra


In Legends of Runeterra, the main form is combat between players. You do not have to transform into the character to fight with the opponent like other games, but just choose the cards to fight. Each card will have its own skill and power. Choose the strongest cards to enter the battle. When you win, the strength of the cards will also be increased.

Legends of Runeterra


The combat form of Legends of Runeterra requires players to engage in direct confrontation with other players. In real life, we may be close friends, but once we meet on the battlefield of this game, the two will become rivals. You may be bright and arrange your cards well, but remember, your opponent will be as smart as you.

However, there will be times when you need your friends’ help. There will be a few small tasks for you, for which you need the help of others. So build a good relationship in the game. Win or lose, it’s an experience, and we’re still good friends.

Legends of Runeterra


In addition to normal fighting mode and fighting against other players, now in the game, there are many new modes such as training, Labs, etc. The Lab is a mode that many players love. This is a focused fighting mode with an increased difficulty level. Players will be trained and improve the flexibility and use of the cards.

Legends of Runeterra


Every week, the system will synthesize a ranking of excellent players. By winning matches, you will accumulate bonus points, and when your bonus points are higher than other players, you will have a chance to reach the top of the rankings. At the end of each season, the system will divide players into 4 LoR regions to fight: Asia, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. Winning regions will earn you the title of “Legend of Runeterra” and other attractive rewards.

Besides, every week you will also be given an item chest. Depending on your luck, you will receive different items to help increase your strength and equip you for battles. Sharp graphics and attractive techniques are also a plus point for this game, and the design of the cards in a unique way is also exceptional.

Legends of Runeterra

A new world where heroes have begun to march to claim their power has opened. Can you become a new legend with your thinking and ability?

– Use cards to fight. The result will be based on the thinking of choosing a card and the strength of that card.
– Fight directly with friends or other players. Some quests also need their help
– Participate in many different game modes to experience the appeal of the game
– Accumulate as many bonus points and climb to the top of the rankings to receive the legendary title of Runeterra. Log in and get more rewards.

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