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If you are looking for useful tools for Bible reading, then Logos Bible Study App is the first choice. This book-style app presents you with a range of Bibles that you can choose from for your reading. More significantly, you can move away from reading the Bible in the old format and switch to reading online, which is both convenient and easy. Users will see a lot of exciting things right in this particular application.

Logos Bible Study App Logos Bible Study App


You will find the full Bible texts in this application. With this considerable supply capacity, the application is becoming more and more perfect and upgraded more strongly. The exciting thing is that the application will also add new to create a diverse source for the Bible as well as open many other resources.


The application will divide the Bible articles into certain chapters to make them convenient to read. Users will enjoy the clear and transparent divisions to make the reading more amazing. More specifically, the division is to help users shape the Bible and divide the reading appropriately.

The app includes many Bibles and is opening up more resources to refresh this archive. So the search will be put on top to provide users with the most optimal. Users can choose the type of search in the usual way by typing keywords in the search box, or it can also be a featured voice search.


Some Scriptures are too long, and you can’t read them all, so you can easily save the page numbers. Users can choose according to the type of characteristic markup, and you can search easily. As long as you save it to the archive, you can find it easily by opening the archive selecting the Bible you want.

Logos Bible Study App Logos Bible Study App

The application will allow you to use the unique note command button right in the Bible. This will help you to highlight good sayings or write down areas you don’t understand. Users can also choose different colors to make the note stand out so that it is easy to find when needed.


The great thing is that you can add new quotes to make your Bible stand out. This new addition will make your scriptures more unique and may help you remember something, giving your Bible reading a contemporary charm.


If you are wondering and want to choose a specific phrase, you can immediately select the search item. You just need to enter a keyword, and a series of results will be displayed for you to choose right away. Each phrase will be included and has a characteristic caption for easy identification for that search.


The app will allow you to use the new offline reading of the monthly scriptures. No matter where you are, Internet or not, you can immediately use the application. This offline reading really gives the truest effect and can serve a variety of situations.

Logos Bible Study App


  • Provide you with a large variety of Bible texts, and we can choose as we like.
  • Delimiting each category separately and dividing the number of pages in accordance with regulations to make it easier for readers to search.
  • Easily bookmark the number of pages you are reading unfinished and save them to a folder so you can continue reading the next time.
  • You can easily make notes or blackout the places that you do not understand so that you can learn through other means.
  • Attach your own thoughts to that Bible page and maybe add some good sayings.
  • Allows you to use featured offline reading without requiring too much of the radio, the Internet, or related factors.

Logos Bible Study App v22.0.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download