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Magic: The Gathering Arena owns many trading card levels that players cannot ignore. They will use the deck to summon warrior powers and destroy things that stand in their way to win the level. At the same time, each player’s deck will be continuously improved with different strategies that they can apply in various battles.

Magic: The Gathering Arena


In Magic: The Gathering Arena, players will find cards that help them destroy opponents. Each turn, the player will summon a certain number of land cards and help powerful warriors to the field. At the same time, the goal that the player aims to is straightforward is to defeat the enemy by reducing the number of points they currently own to zero. Although the goal is easy to understand, it takes time and requires careful tactics.

If you are a beginner to this card game genre, you do not need to worry because the game provides several tutorial levels. The operation in the game is straightforward to do, which is to swipe and touch to perform some actions to summon cards to the field. Each card has a short description so that you can grasp its effectiveness and power to use it properly. Indeed, you will feel attracted to the gameplay that this game brings.

Magic: The Gathering Arena


Players will start the level with a certain number of cards in Magic: The Gathering Arena, and the first goal you will need to accomplish is to place a certain number of land cards. Each turn, you can only summon many land cards, and this can also be considered a condition for warriors to play. Specifically, there are icons corresponding to the number of land cards you need to summon warriors in the left corner of each card.

When the required number of land cards is reached, you can summon a warrior, but they won’t attack right away. You should find a black mist on the card, so it’s safe to say the player is generally safe for the first few turns. In addition, players will find the multiplier’s stats, which correspond to attack and defense power. You can also quickly attack the player directly if no enemies are blocking or using different spells.

Besides the powerful warrior cards you have, you can use spells sensibly to give your opponent an advantage. Specifically, these spells have different effects that you will enjoy, and the first type that should be mentioned is increasing attack power for a short time. The latter will help you kill a powerful enemy with just one touch, or you can ignore the card’s blocking ability and attack your opponent directly.

Magic: The Gathering Arena


There are many types of impressive rewards in Magic: The Gathering Arena, and one of them that makes players excited is the unlocking of new cards. Specifically, you will easily interact with the cards you have to learn more about the decks you are playing. You will read their information and gradually find completely impressive combos when using their power effectively. At the same time, over time, the number of new cards will increase.

Collecting new cards is common in trading card games, so you will need to choose a suitable deck to experience. Specifically, you will learn the information of each deck and collect its components. You can also easily find battles with AIs to improve your abilities and perfect your attack strategy. At the same time, the number of levels will become challenging and help you meet other skilled players.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Players will try to build a deck to confront other players:

  • A typical trading card gameplay requires you to appropriately use the cards you receive to reduce your opponent’s points and defeat them.
  • Each warrior has a summoning condition corresponding to a certain number of lands and performs attacks on enemies.
  • The player’s victory depends on many factors, such as skill, card use, and appropriate tactics for each situation.
  • If you win some battles, you will receive many new cards to add to your deck and make them perfect.
  • You can find many different battles to help you practice and test against opponents with strong decks and strategies.

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