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With the growing development of society, the transportation system and roads are also developed and expanded. That has many economic and social benefits and causes difficulties for road users. Finding a road, an alley is quite a difficult thing. With that in mind, the MapFactor Navigator application has been designed to help you with that. This app not only navigates your vehicle correctly, but it can also help even when the device is not connected to the internet. Instructional voice mode is a standout feature of this app.

MapFactor Navigator – GPS Navigation Maps MapFactor Navigator – GPS Navigation Maps


MapFactor Navigator is set up as a native guide with a thorough understanding of travel routes. The user needs to tell the app about your departure and destination locations. You can manually enter your departure location or enable geolocation on your phone. The app will ask permission to access your location permission and get location information from your GPS. Then, the route from your departure point to your destination will be displayed with multiple routes. The system will suggest the shortest and most efficient route for you. However, you can also choose other routes if you want.

Not only that, but this smart guide will also provide information on the route for you, such as particular locations, gas stations, etc. Points to note, such as speed limits or camera warnings, will also be notified to you when your vehicle arrives in those areas. This is very useful for drivers because it is not possible to concentrate on the road while looking at the signs. Now that this navigation app is available, drivers can focus on driving without fear of speeding fines just because they forgot the speed limit allowed on the road.

MapFactor Navigator – GPS Navigation Maps MapFactor Navigator – GPS Navigation Maps


Maps on MapFactor Navigator is an offline map system. With maps of more than 200 countries and territories from all continents around the world, traveling has become much more convenient. When the user downloads the app to their phone, the map of your area and country will be downloaded immediately. So you don’t need to update the map every day if you are only moving within the loaded area.

However, everything changes over time, so the application will also automatically update the map once a month. The roads that are starting to work are also detected, and your vehicle is redirected to a different path.

In addition, users can also set up frequently moved routes for more convenient searching. Roads commonly moved from home to school, work, relatives’ houses, etc., can be turned into familiar routes. And when you want to move to familiar places, the operation will now be much faster because you do not need to consider and choose a new route.


A much-loved feature is intuitive voice navigation. Users do not need to control the vehicle and look at the application screen. After determining the travel route, the smart navigator will guide you along with your voice. This voice is changed to different languages according to your choice. Or they will change based on the country you come from.

MapFactor Navigator – GPS Navigation Maps MapFactor Navigator – GPS Navigation Maps

This application can be used in offline mode, and routes are pre-loaded, and especially the voice mode for directions is also used when the phone is not connected to the internet. The application is also completely free for all users, whether first time or long time. The information related to you will also be kept confidential with a commitment not to disclose it to any other party.


  • Enter the departure and destination points of your route. Enables GPS access for automatic location updates and easy navigation
  • The map is updated every month with map settings of more than 200 countries on all continents of the world
  • Intuitive voice navigation, in addition to directions, also provides users with route information such as repairs, speed limits, or camera warnings
  • Set frequently used routes and favorites to find when needed quickly
  • Use the application in offline mode with the full system and map. Completely free and confidential of user information

MapFactor Navigator v7.2.60 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download