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Merge Ragdoll Fighting is a fighting game where players will be able to control a character with interchangeable arms and legs to create a chance to deal massive damage to enemies. The player can slide the joystick in the direction you want, and when your weapons touch the enemy, the damage will be dealt. After completing some matches, then you are forced to face boss battles.

Merge Ragdoll Fighting Merge Ragdoll Fighting


If you’ve played through horror games, the Ragdolls inside Merge Ragdoll Fighting completely give you a lot of close feeling, but the gameplay is not a puzzle. You will control a Ragdoll and try to destroy the opponent with the weapons that you are equipped with within your hands and feet. At the same time, with a completely diverse amount of equipment, players can create powerful fighting machines to fight the enemy.

Each division has four different options available to you, and once the selection process is over, press the fight button to start the battle. The control operation is simple because there is only a single joystick button on the screen, and you need to swipe in the opponent’s direction. The character will then move to the enemy, and when the parts of the character touch the opponent, an amount of damage will be dealt. So you will find a way to deplete the enemy’s HP.

Merge Ragdoll Fighting Merge Ragdoll Fighting


You can see the progress bar that Merge Ragdoll Fighting provides before starting a particular game. When this progress bar is complete, the player will see a boss level where the player will face an enemy stronger than the enemies he has encountered before. So, if you are not careful, the player can be defeated easily, and of course, this game has an interesting finish mechanism that you cannot ignore.

On some levels, after the player has defeated the enemy, the system will give you a finish mechanism and require a simple activation to stop a slider. There will be a bar with a green area, and you have to stop the indicator in that area. From there, consecutive attacks on enemies will be automatically activated. So this is a mechanism that will make players feel satisfied when they see the enemy destroyed with powerful attacks.

Merge Ragdoll Fighting Merge Ragdoll Fighting

Players will participate in the battles of famous characters of the horror game series:

  • Players will participate in a 1vs.1 match, and the goal is quite simple: to defeat the enemy in front with the weapon of your choice.
  • Before entering a battle, you’ll have a choice of arm and leg parts for a Ragdoll that can deal damage to enemies when close.
  • Interesting attacks will be created with various options for parts, so players will carefully consider the selection process.
  • After regular matches, the player will be taken to boss battles, a big challenge when the boss’s strength is quite overwhelming.
  • In some cases, the player will activate the finishing feature, and when you complete its small claim, an attack sequence will be performed on the enemy.

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