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Micro RPG is back, and now your combat mission continues on a large scale. This is a unique action role-playing game, and you will become a hero with an intense combat mission. All the armies come from nowhere and wish to claim their own kingdom. It’s not easy for them, though, because they have to fight hard with you. Players should also collect gold coins and take more lives than they do.

Micro RPG


Your task now is to role-play and become a powerful hero to initially create victory. You always receive timely support from the Micro RPG side, and you will also be able to fight vigorously on your own. Armies are rising and rushing into your castle area with the desire to capture them all. However, it is difficult because you will directly confront them to destroy them all.

First, you must determine who you need to face and with what opponents. Then you always come up with reasonable attack plans to destroy. More specifically, players also need to add more forces to cope with heavy opponents. Surely you will be the one who can drive them out and always create an overwhelming advantage over the other side’s army.

Micro RPG Micro RPG


What you need to do is gradually increase the level to be able to grow up and fight. You will need to use the included bow and arrow to shoot your opponent. Destroy an opponent, and you will receive gold coins and precious diamonds. And the exciting thing is that if you achieve the standard amount of gold and diamonds, you will receive a significant upgrade. These upgrades will help you a lot, and you can grow stronger.

Once you’ve upgraded, you also have to add the ability to respond in time. That ability to cope will help you immensely, and you also need to know its effects. More specifically, it would help if you looked everywhere to avoid the attacks that cause unnecessary loss of life. The game also always creates tremendous challenges, and you need to know to avoid them in time.


You also need to respond promptly to emergencies by increasing your own life. Micro RPG will also always allow you the opportunity to kill the big bosses, and after defeating you will win life. Maybe this life will help you a lot because you will not be destroyed thanks to them. Moreover, you also need to increase the number of valuable items to help you upgrade the unique accompanying weapons.

Through this, you will see the unique and creative features of the gameplay of Micro RPG. You will always face each challenge, and we will have the opportunity to become brave warriors. Especially with unique visuals combined with vivid sound will make the game even more impressive. You will always level up and gradually upgrade to stay motivated for this breakthrough.

Micro RPG Micro RPG


– Role-play and become the hero of the war, having the task of fighting unyieldingly with all the armies.
– You also always be wary of everyone because they may be the ones who want to take advantage of your kindness.
– Conquer each big challenge that the game offers and complete all the main missions.
– Pay special attention to life because if you die, this kingdom ultimately belongs to the enemy.
– You are also always looking for luck, always completing tasks to upgrade your strength.
– Earn more lives and destroy enemies to get valuable diamonds.

Micro RPG v1.3.38 MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Exp, Money) Download