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Monster Super LeagueLatecia is a lovely planet full of wonderful places like the Star Sanctuary, Sky Falls, and the Aurora Plateau. Chaos, on the other hand, grew in power and impact through time. As a result, I’ve come to seek for your aid in restoring balance to our planet. It won’t be easy adjusting to life in a new area, but I’ll be here to help you every step of the way!

Please, we need your assistance!

A total of over 600 different Astromons are eager to befriend you!

Take command of an enormous number of Astromons that have been concealed around the continent of Latecia. Throughout this fantastic fantasy realm, each Astromon has a unique backstory that is rooted in its heritage.

When the most powerful masters raise the most powerful Astromons!

Astromons have the ability to develop and evolve into even more powerful and amazing versions of their original forms. Make your Astromons the most powerful beings on the planet by using magic-infused skill manuals, jewels that enhance your Astromons’ powers, and trinkets endowed with magical power.

Nobody will stand a chance against you after you have achieved the status of best master on the planet!

In your very own airship, you’ll travel all around Latecia!

Prepare to board your airship and go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip! You never know what kind of adventure awaits you around the corner!

You may join a clan to team up with masters from all across the globe!

Titans have appeared to destabilize the world’s order. Their height and power make them unbeatable opponents for a single master. Join a clan of your choice, exchange important knowledge, and work together to defeat the giants! You’ll be working to keep the balance in Latecia as you mature and contribute more inside your clan.

Masters battle to become Latecia’s most powerful master

Do you have any reservations about how powerful you’ve become? Join the Astromon League and face off against other lords of the universe!

You may even overcome opponents that are far stronger than you if you have the correct party! Maintain your guard against your opponent’s concealed Astromon, which is waiting for the best opportunity to strike!

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