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Experience a contemporary interactive take on the classic murder mystery. Explore a tropical island full of antiques, mysteries, and even murder! ️‍ Put your detective skills to the test and see if you can find out who committed the heinous murder!

When the yearly invitations to a secret party hosted by a billionaire named Ruben Navarro arrive in the mail, Carla Page, a young journalist, is taken aback. Upon her arrival, Carla finds herself in the company of some of the world’s most powerful and wealthy people. Furthermore, she is squarely in the path of the most powerful hurricane to hit the United States this year. She won’t be able to avoid the bad weather, but it won’t be the most serious of her concerns. Someone’s life is snatched away in mysterious circumstances just a few minutes after she arrives at the beach.

Carla dons her detective hat and begins investigating the situation, but each new piece of evidence raises more doubts. Carla discovers that the island is home to various mysteries in addition to the murder as soon as she arrives. To find and apprehend the murderer, you will need to complete the following. Take command of the story by affecting its path with your decisions! Conduct inquiries at the scenes of the crimes and use your detective talents to get as much information as possible. Explore the magnificent settings in search of hidden treasures. Playing challenging minigames and puzzles is an excellent way to exercise your brain. Get out there and explore the island; you never know what kind of beautifully creative artwork you can find if you search around. This game is unique among hidden object games since it involves a murder! Conduct investigation, locate, and decipher any buried knowledge! You must not allow the killer any opportunity to flee!


  • You get to make decisions that affect how the tale develops!
  • Conduct investigations into crime scenes and make use of your innate detective skills to unearth every possible secret and clue.
  • Explore beautiful settings and look for items that have been concealed there.
  • Solve fascinating mini-games and brain-twisting puzzles.
  • Discover a stunning and one-of-a-kind artistic style by adventuring over the island.

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery v2.2.0 MOD APK (Infinite Hints) Download