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Otogi御靈錄 is a mobile game that combines RPG, card collecting, and strategy elements. You play as a young exorcist who can summon and command various spirits to fight against evil forces. You can collect and upgrade over 200 different spirits, each with their own unique skills, attributes, and personalities. You can also customize your team formation and strategy according to the enemies and situations you face.

The game’s graphics are stunning and beautiful, with a rich and detailed depiction of the Japanese folklore and mythology. The characters are well-designed and animated, with expressive voice acting and dialogues. The sound effects and music are also immersive and fitting, creating a captivating and atmospheric gaming experience.

The game’s gameplay is engaging and challenging, with a variety of modes and features to explore. You can follow the main story mode, which has a compelling and intriguing plot that unfolds as you progress. You can also participate in various events, quests, raids, and PvP battles that offer rewards and fun. The game also has a social aspect, as you can interact with other players through chat, guilds, and co-op missions.

However, the game also has some flaws that may affect your enjoyment. For one thing, the game can be quite grindy and repetitive, as you need to farm a lot of resources and materials to upgrade your spirits and unlock new content. You may also encounter some difficulty spikes or unfair situations that require you to spend real money or premium currency to overcome. Moreover, the game can be quite buggy and unstable at times, with frequent crashes, errors, or loading issues.

Overall, Otogi御靈錄 is a captivating and enjoyable game that lets you immerse yourself in the world of Japanese spirits and legends. It is suitable for players who like RPGs, card collecting, or Japanese culture. However, it may not be very appealing for players who dislike grinding, pay-to-win mechanics, or technical problems.

Otogi: Spirit Agents v1.0.60 MOD APK (Attack Multiplier, God Mode) Download