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Sky Champ is a control game with simple operations but many actions with more and more challenging levels. Players will control the spaceship with automatic, continuous shooters. Smart moves dodge the enemy’s attack and attack them back. Nurture the animals to support your attack. Animated graphics coupled with the game’s super-fast pace are the main attractions for many players to join this galactic battle!

Sky Champ: Space Shooter


Sky Champ is a battle in space. Players need to prepare themselves as a sturdy spaceship with a continuous shooting machine. The spaceships are designed to simulate stylized animals, so they look exceptional and attractive. Go through many battles collect many items to be used to capture other spaceships. Experience fighting with all the spaceships in the collection. Each spaceship has a unique shooting system with different unique effects.

Control operation is extremely simple with the use of touch screen swipe left or right to control the direction of movement. However, with challenges, you have to calculate smart moves to ensure that you destroy all enemy troops but still keep your spaceship and pets at peace. So, the gameplay is simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s boring because it’s unlikely that you can master the game in galactic battles with giant monsters!

Sky Champ: Space Shooter


The opponents in the battle of Sky Champ are monsters. They are the rulers of the space in the galaxy and want to stop your spaceship. It could be a giant monster or an army of monsters with the mastermind behind it. All monsters are designed to be unique, and no two monsters on the level are the same. In particular, they can also attack you with an infinite number of equipped bullets. Like you, they are constantly firing bullets. Therefore, your task is to dodge their attacks. You have five chances to be reborn in a battle. If hit, one regeneration will be forfeited. At the end of 5 reincarnations, you will lose and have to start fighting from the beginning.

Each such challenge will be played out in levels of the game. There are more than 100 levels corresponding to the 100 difficulty levels of the game. Levels are continuously increased in difficulty to match the player’s game proficiency. And at the same time create an interesting challenge for players to conquer. Naturally, players will receive many attractive rewards when passing levels. These are game support items, gems to buy equipment, etc. The more complicated the levels, the higher the rewards.

Sky Champ: Space Shooter Sky Champ: Space Shooter


A character that helps you a lot in the thrilling galactic war is pets. They are small animals, capable of firing bullets and attacking targets ahead. A variety of pets with more than 90 species can be purchased at the gem shop. Note, however, that after leveling up to a certain level, you can unlock the use of pets. Nurture them to adulthood with the items received. Use more than 50 pieces of equipment for your spaceship and pets. Two different pets can be used in the same game.

Sky Champ has multiple game modes: default play and PvP. For default play, your opponent is an intelligent AI system, and you can play it even when your phone is not connected to the internet. For PvP play, players have the opportunity to compete against many other players in Alliance mode. You can see your rating after the match to see if your name has surpassed other spaceships?! Each mode has its own appeal!

Sky Champ: Space Shooter


  • The game controls a spaceship flying in space and continuously firing bullets with an automatic shooter to destroy the monsters that stand in your way.
  • The spaceship is designed with the shape of animals according to a new design, so it is both lovely and delicate. Many other types of spaceships waiting for you to own in the shop.
  • More than 100 levels with increasing difficulty. The challenge in each match is getting more and more difficult to overcome with a rapidly growing rate.
  • Collect many items and gems after each match. Raise pets to increase their strength in battle.
  • Try out a variety of game modes: default offline or PvP against other players in the Alliance.

Sky Champ v7.3.14 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money) Download