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People who stutter can benefit from using Stamurai in a variety of different ways. Our app for people who stammer is helpful for people of any age who want to practice stuttering daily at home.

The speech condition known as stuttering, often referred to as stammering, can be conquered with enough time and effort. Stamurai provides the motivation and mystery to keep you moving forward on the path to achieving fluent and confident speech. Set the alarm on your phone to remind you to work on your daily public speaking exercises. Software that was created by people who stuttered with the assistance of speech therapists and other specialists working in the field of speech-language pathology.

Gain as much knowledge as possible on the causes of stuttering, the symptoms, and the benefits of speech therapy for those who stutter. The capacity to control your stuttering and speak more effectively in ordinary circumstances requires you to learn specific tactics, practice those strategies, and use them when necessary. Stamurai includes detailed instructions for over 30 speech exercises, such as pauses, pulls, preliminary sets, cancellations, light articulatory contacts, easy onsets, diaphragmatic breathing, and delayed speech. Italso teaches diaphragmatic breathing.

After reading something out loud, it might be helpful to identify errors by going back and listening to one’s voice. Gaining advantages from participating in guided meditation sessions. With the help of a mobile app, you can get your breathing to more closely resemble the rhythms of those who live by the ocean. While you speak, focus on taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly and deliberately. By responding to a few simple questions, you will learn more about your speech mechanism and better understand what it is like to utilize it. Utilize delayed auditory feedback as a form of hearing aid to help compensate for hearing loss (DAF). Maintain a diary of your daily assessments, much as they did in the Lidcombe study.

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