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Stickman Master Archer helps players transform into stickman heroes with a noble mission to protect the good and fight the bad guys. Coming to this game, you will also have the opportunity to try your hand at archery and become the most excellent archer. Engage in fast-paced, dramatic battles and face hundreds of different challenges that the game offers you.

Stickman Master Archer


If you want to experience archery once in your life but don’t have the opportunity, then Stickman Master Archer will help you fulfill your dream. Coming to the game, you can quickly become a great and more talented archer than anyone else. You will control a stickman character and use the bow and arrow to defeat the enemy right in front of you. Because the game’s pace is breakneck, you need to avoid the rapid and continuous attacks from your opponent.

The gameplay is built in the style of shooting coordinates, which requires the player to have good target observation to hit the target. In order for the arrow’s path not to be deflected and most accurate, you should also adjust the coordinates accordingly. Dashed lines in each match will create a virtual aiming line, and you can aim at it to get the most effective shots. There is also a factor that affects the outcome of each arrow is the force of the shot, and you must align the selection as much as possible depending on the distance of the opponent.

Stickman Master Archer


Stickman Master Archer does not really make it difficult for players with the first screen, but later on, you will have to face challenging matches. The game has brought more than 75 levels from easy to difficult for you to explore and conquer. In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of game modes such as Campaign Mode or Endless Mode, where you will fight a large number of enemies simultaneously. Local multiplayer mode will be a perfect choice if you want to challenge your friends at home.

The gradual increase in difficulty and the opponent’s ability to withstand high levels will leave you helpless. You will practice many necessary skills and improve your observation ability by passing a level. To overcome the challenges, the only way is to develop strength and progress in archery continuously. Please take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses or loopholes to quickly kill them and level up. If you know the enemy’s weak points, you will save a lot of time as well as bow and arrows to defeat the boss at the end.

Stickman Master Archer


What is never lacking in every match is the weapon, and the game has provided a vast collection of different weapons for you to choose from. There are 30 weapons in all that you can unlock here, and each weapon has its stats for easy research. Each weapon has a difference in strength as well as the ability to deal damage in each battle. At first, you will be limited in type, but the player will have new weapons after completing the matches.

Not only weapons, but you will also be able to change the costumes for the character to look more outstanding, which is also a point of attraction for many players. With more than 20 different outfits and 15 different unique accessories, you can completely refresh your character. Not only that, but when you put on beautiful costumes, you will feel more excited and excited when playing. It is also considered the best solution for players to reduce stress after each dramatic and thrilling battle.

Stickman Master Archer


Not only Stickman Master Archer will allow you to equip your character with special equipment, but you can also completely upgrade yourself. Maybe you will realize one thing after each challenge or after the rounds are passed; your opponent will become stronger and stronger than before. And if you don’t develop yourself to become stronger than them, it’s only natural that you will encounter failures.

That’s why the game has also created a special system that allows you to upgrade the strength of the characters. With this feature, you will completely make your character significantly stronger than before with just elementary operations. Through that, your combat stats will also change entirely to be able to adapt to challenges or matches quickly.

Stickman Master Archer


  • The game is designed according to the archery action genre for players who love being a marksman archer.
  • An engaging storyline has been developed where you will be the last archer of the tribe and use the power of your ancestors to be able to fight.
  • Many different game modes divided into levels with increasing difficulty have been created to challenge players.
  • A system with various bows, heroes, and hero power-ups is created to support players.
  • Graphics are a special feature so that players can feel the intense bow and arrow battles created to the fullest extent.

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