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Survivor In Rainbow Monster is a mobile game where you play as a kid kidnapped from a school excursion to Spooky Park. You have been captured and must spend the next five nights in a strange area with just the Rainbow Monster for company.

Each night brings a new challenge as you attempt to outwit the Rainbow Monsters. As he searches for you, Blue Monster wanders the map and cracks jokes the whole time. He will discover you unless you hide in a safe place like a box or locker. The Green Monster always keeps watch, yet it has no eyes. Making as little noise as possible is your best bet for getting away from it. Don’t try to juggle too much. If you don’t feed the Orange Monsters regularly, don’t expect them to come out and play. Thankfully, an orange line indicates the path the Orange Monsters will go on patrol, so you can swiftly take cover if you spot one. Purple Monster can be avoided if you check the air ducts in the room.

Just be sure to keep an eye out for any sinister characteristics, and if you don’t find any creepy faces or fingers, you should be good to go. Keep your eyes peeled. Pay attention to the various sound effects in the game. It’s crucial to keep an ear out for any noises that might suggest the Rainbow Guy is getting closer so he won’t catch you. This will help you avoid getting captured. Playing video games with no visuals is the most isolating experience possible. In Rainbow Buddy, you absolutely must watch the terrifyingly entertaining Survivor segment. Coming face to face with the creatures, who at first give the impression that they are friendly, turns out to be the worst nightmare that can be imagined. Playing the scary smartphone game Rainbow Guy io will give you the shivers.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster v1.3.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) Download