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Toca Kitchen is a doll world where players will experience cooking with different ingredients and kitchen tools. With their variety, players can freely create their dishes and give them to the game’s characters. You will observe their expressions when eating your food, and your friends will be impressed with their distinctive looks.

Toca Kitchen


The experience that players can find in Toca Kitchen is cooking different dishes for the character. These characters will sit before the table and wait for the dishes you prepare and put on the plate. At the same time, in this game, players will see the two sides are the refrigerator and kitchen tools that any player can easily touch. From there, the human discovery process will begin, and many interesting things will appear.

Players will find the character of a doll world in this game when all activities are carried out according to their wishes. Specifically, they can touch any element they desire and drag it to the correct position to prepare the dish. Therefore, it is not too difficult for many people to experience this game, and certainly, players will take the time to experience the dishes they can make to serve the guests who appear.

Toca Kitchen


As you experience Toca Kitchen, you will see many different ingredients, and they have diverse properties that you will need to pay attention to. Although these dishes appear in a doll world, they will be easily changed when faced with any impact, such as being cut, pressed, and others. You will be able to bring these ingredients to the respective kitchen utensils and see the obvious changes in these ingredients.

You can put an ingredient on top of a cutting board to chop it up into pieces similar to the recipes you saw earlier. In addition, some ingredients that do not need to be cut can still be used, like eggs, and can be processed immediately. Once you have prepared the ingredients correctly, then you can choose other tools to do the work that can cook the ingredients and execute your dish correctly.

You can put the ingredients into the oven because of the wave and wait for it until its color changes, and this feature is similar to boiling and frying food. These materials will not stay in one place, but you can use your hands to stroke them in a specific circle. At the same time, this gives the feeling that you are preparing a dish, and the operation is carried out until the dish has reached the proper color and can be served.

Toca Kitchen


After you have finished cooking the dishes in Toca Kitchen, you will place these dishes on the plate of the already seated character. This character will not eat but needs the player to pull food to the character, so you will drag each part of the dish for the character to enjoy. At the same time, you will also see the character’s clear expression every time you bring a new dish. In addition, surely, there will be many other interesting friends that you cannot ignore.

Each of the characters that appear before you has interesting looks, although some of them are not entirely human. So you will see demi-human characters appear, and these characters have a friendly appearance and are friends of the player. They will have characteristic expressions when enjoying your food, and you will spend time preparing the widest variety of dishes and pleasing these characters.

Toca Kitchen

Players will not be able to take their eyes off of cooking the dishes they love:

  • Players will see the ingredients in the refrigerator and the corresponding kitchen tools to cook dishes for the friends they meet.
  • These guests are already seated in front of you, and you’ll be able to drag the ingredients to the cookware to start the cooking process.
  • With various ingredients and kitchen tools, the dish variations that can be created are diverse and attractive to players.
  • In the world of dolls, the cooking is still completely realistic as you can see the ingredients change color after you do some manipulations.
  • Many characters will appear before you in different forms, and you will certainly be curious about their expressions when enjoying your food.

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