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Exclusively for astronomy lovers, Universe in a Nutshell gives participants accurate knowledge to learn about the vast universe. Users will be delighted to immerse themselves in the galaxy and the stars. Publisher Wait But Why & Kurzgesagt has done extremely meticulous research to be able to create the perfect experience for users. Discovering your place in the universe is an exciting and unique thing that this application brings to users.

Universe in a Nutshell


For those who love astronomy, their life is constantly searching for answers to questions about the universe. Whatever information related to the universe is updated, astronomy lovers always grasp. Catching up with that need of users, the publisher has created Universe in a Nutshell, which contains a treasure of knowledge for users to discover.

Astronomy is a field where scientists always learn about every single change in the universe to bring accurate information to interested people. Coming to the application, users will be present in the vast world of the stars and see even the most minor changes. Participants will be immersed in the journey to explore the majestic galaxy most simply. Using easy operations, users were able to step foot into the universe through the application.

Universe in a Nutshell


With a huge number of astronomy lovers, it is no wonder that this application is widely sought after by users. This is because space explorers will crave the experience of entering a world consisting of beautiful planets. With the sophistication of the publisher, the application’s image system is built with high quality and brings incredibly realistic movements. Universe in a Nutshell creates images of galaxies, planets, millions of stars on a lovely and fanciful 3D background.

Also, because the image is built, users can feel life when in the mysterious universe. Based on images that have appeared about the universe by famous researchers, the application creates images of planets associated with real-life images. Users will be pleased to see and constantly look for exciting things in the universe.

Universe in a Nutshell


An application that brings a great user experience, not only that Universe in a Nutshell also provides us with handy information about extinct animals. In the IUCN Red List, extinct animals are always the names that interested people are constantly looking for. When participating in this application, the user will be transformed into a character to go and see the universe.

And certainly, users will be able to observe and learn about extinct animals. Extinct animals such as mammoths and dinosaurs are depicted very vividly and realistically. How can you understand these animals just by looking at the pictures? That is also the question that this application will explain to users; the application brings the most accurate information related to the size and the time of life, development, and the reason for the extinction of the animals. From the causes of extinction, users will partly understand and be more environmentally conscious of protecting the existence of animals.

Universe in a Nutshell


Universe in a Nutshell gives players a time-traveling space travel experience to see objects from large to microscopic realistically. There are hundreds of objects applied to bring new knowledge to users, such as GIGAPERSEC, SPACE VOID, HERCULES-CORONA BOREALIS, etc… First, to be able to experience the fantastic view of the universe. Users need to log in information to be able to connect to the application.

Next, just with straightforward touches, users will have access to any element in the universe they want to see. The application provides accurate images of every detail. The position of the stars appearing on the screen will also correspond to reality. Users will know precise information such as how much more miniature humans will be than an actual planet by the application’s calculations.

With just very gentle swipes and touches, users will be immersed in the world of the stars. Users will learn all the unique information from the universe through the application. Even with minor details, the application brings information carefully and accurately. Universe in a Nutshell allows users to uncover incredible secrets about creatures and black holes.

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