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Vanguard ZERO is a card game where players will accompany the character Aichi Sendou who has access to a Vanguard card, and participate in battles between cards. Players can call on allies to support and continue to raise the grade of the Vanguard they control to gain new powers. New cards will appear and give the character an advantage to deal more damage to enemies.

Vanguard ZERO

Vanguard ZERO


In Vanguard ZERO, the player will accompany a character named Aichi Sendou, an ordinary high school student. Over time, he has the opportunity to hold a TCG card and receive support from another person to access the world of Vanguard. He gradually gets sucked into the exciting battles between decks and Vanguard cards of different shapes. From there, his life became more interesting.

Players will be able to transform into a character that uses cards to fight and compete with other players. The rules of Vanguard revolve around finding a way to deal much damage to the opponent, and it is determined by the damage bar at the characters’ portrait’s bottom. In addition, players will spend time learning the rules of Vanguard through tutorial levels and different game modes.


In Vanguard ZERO, players will be able to see a card with zero next to it, and this is an important card that anyone needs to preserve. If it takes a lot of damage, you will quickly fail and choose the card to override this card. This card has weak stats and is difficult to attack stronger opponents. In addition, the player can draw a trigger card during the attack.

Each attack gives the player a chance to draw a trigger card, and if drawn correctly, the effect will be activated, and most of the time, it will be a pow effect. This increase in pow will limit the damage taken by the player and require the enemy to usually have a card with a stronger pow to deal damage to the opponent. Also, the Vanguard card in the center will be able to increase its grade when you override it with another card.

Besides fighting alone, your Vanguard can be accompanied by other cards that appear from your deck. There are five other locations where you can place a new card, and you will need to consider the selection of teammates because called allies cannot have a higher grade than the Vanguard card’s grade. In addition, the higher the quality of the player’s Vanguard card, the more impressive the appearance effect and the higher its pow will be.

Vanguard ZERO Vanguard ZERO


An interesting point when you experience Vanguard ZERO is that you can collect different resources, and one of them will help you unlock new cards. The opening of new cards is done at random, and depending on luck and frequency of opening, high-quality cards will appear. At the same time, the addition of new cards is necessary because it helps diversify the effects used.

Creating a strong deck is essential as you need to understand the effects of some of the cards. Some cards can activate their effects as soon as they appear on the field, and they will certainly need to be put to good use to make it difficult for the player. At the same time, creating links between cards will be essential for a hand because they can smoothly execute tactics against opponents, especially against experienced opponents.

Players will own a deck of cards with many cards with different effects:

  • Players will transform into an Aichi Sendou to participate in a battle between cards and perform a Vanguard summoning.
  • The number of cards a player can use is varied in genre, and the player’s main Vanguard can increase the grade for new power.
  • Besides the main Vanguard card, the player can also call other cards to empty positions, and this calling will meet certain requirements.
  • The battle will end when one side has completely taken a lot of damage, and the damage bar indicates the damage level.
  • Players can add new cards to their current deck and find effects that help and increase the connection between the cards.

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