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War Commander fulfills the requirements given for a commanding strategy game with a system of hundreds of head-to-head battles. Your enemies will be other players who are ready to raze the enemy base and steal hundreds of sources of profit. To achieve the best results, players will have to combine perfect battle plans and be ready for any situation. Each battle becomes more intense as modern weapons are unlocked by you, and levels are raised during long fights.

War Commander: Rogue Assault


Players have more content to explore in the world of armies and wars of War Commander. The boost was applied to the battle after the version was updated. In addition to the appearance of stronger opponents, players also expand the scope of the war to many European countries. The journey to gather resources will begin and last in the sudden war, and the new model is applied with a longer period to experience. With his huge investment, players can start with a series of plans to buy new Titanus aircraft. The journey to upgrade the army and use more advanced weapons for the mission is also accelerated.

War Commander: Rogue Assault


The system allows players to build a more substantial empire to fight against enemies in War Commander. Things have never been easy when you have more powerful opponents. They own a large base and an elite army. The process of becoming professional will take quite a while to achieve. Players need to possess certain conditions to get a strong army. Soldiers and bases are the two most preferred sources of investment at the moment. The battle process requires perfect planning for the balance between construction and combat. But do not be complacent about the war message broadcast by the system.

The army will be equipped with a variety of items with great destructive power. In it, many types of vehicles are summoned to make your battle unique. Tanks, armored vehicles, and transport planes will make your process of conquering new levels simpler when everything is judged by the strength you possess and the presence of the level you have attained. Newly unlocked weapons will be a great choice. However, you need a lot of coins to invest in them.

War Commander: Rogue Assault


The process of the battle of the War Commander taking place received the attention of many members of the community. Each match will give you more experience and perfect practice. Players rearrange the experience and become more professional in the process of both fighting and building a base. The built fortress needs to be protected. When the enemy defeats any fortress, they will receive the corresponding number of coins that you have invested in this building. The whole battle becomes an opportunity for you to change your life or become a loser.

Players can promote their ability to call for help from soldiers of many different armies. The battlefields are flexibly moved from infantry to navy and air force. Each battle will have suitable transportation to use. The alliances formed will be a great opportunity for you to make friends and find the perfect companion. In addition, we regularly create special events to welcome members. Each event is a huge reward for you.

War Commander: Rogue Assault


War Commander requires players to complete assigned missions while exploring military life. A full range of activities related to war, construction, and protection is provided. For any weapon, strategy, or vehicle offers, you can try them out for free. Each base needs to be closely guarded so that it doesn’t take time to rebuild. Realistically simulated battlefields will take players to the most anticipated challenges. Version updates will always be communicated to you as you experience this content.

War Commander: Rogue Assault


  • Complete your performance as a great leader in the face of an enemy surprise attack.
  • Players participate in risky strategic battles as the leader, army commander defending the base, and soldiers.
  • Discover special equipment related to vehicles, including tanks, armored vehicles, and military planes.
  • Choose high-damage guns from the list provided, and improve the quality by unlocking new guns.
  • Players join the leaderboards and level up to expand their reach and sphere of influence.

War Commander v7.6.0 MOD APK (God Mode, Remove Enemy Units) Download