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Zombie Inc. takes you to a special production area where the primary workers are zombies brought in by a zombies generator. At the same time, they will automatically run to the brain labs you create and help you earn a lot of money over time. You can build more labs or upgrade them to increase capacity and use upgrade factors and boosters related to production efficiency.

Zombie Inc. Idle Tycoon Games Zombie Inc. Idle Tycoon Games


In Zombie Inc., players will manage a special production area, and the workers you hire are zombies and will emerge from a zombies generator. At the same time, the larger the number of zombies, the more money you will receive because they will move to the brain labs and work there. You will constantly create waves of zombies, and of course, a brain lab can only have a specific limit on the number of zombies it can take.

In the game’s environment, players will see empty cells appear, and these empty cells are available areas to build new brain labs. From these labs, players will be able to receive all the waves of zombies that the generator sends. The list of lab builders also offers you labs of a different design and higher than the one you are using. So you can upgrade your existing ones to improve production performance if you’ve run out of build slots.

Zombie Inc. Idle Tycoon Games


Besides the effects of each building in Zombie Inc., players can also improve some factors related to performance. Specifically, players can increase the rate of products created, increase the value of products or help the generator get more zombies. The game also allows you to improve the capacity of each lab to collect more zombies, and of course, the amount of money you get will also be more.

It’s also possible for the player to use some fun boosters with short duration but totally useful effects. Specifically, players can quickly create a wave of zombies that constantly appear in brain labs. At the same time, if you are lucky, you can get the value you create multiplied by eight times, and the money after an hour of the collection can also be sent to you more quickly.

Zombie Inc. Idle Tycoon Games

Players will earn money with the help of zombies:

  • The zombies will become workers and help you earn a lot of money as they continuously run to the brain labs built by you.
  • The generator device is where these zombies appear, and if the number is too much, you must have ways to increase the capacity of the labs.
  • You can fill in the gaps in the environment by adding new brain labs or taking them to a new level and changing their appearance.
  • Upgrade factors will partially affect your production efficiencies, such as increased production rate, increased product cost, etc.
  • The boosters also have a performance-enhancing effect, but they will only be used for a short time and require the player to consider when using.

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